Simplyhealth - What is a cash plan?


Sem: Adventures Across Time

Voice of Ptolemy

Verity - A Brief History of the Dark Web


Simplyhealth - #MyPinkElephant


The Fulcrum Report Podcast

As himself


Rogan Orcshield / King Herod

Network 51


Magpie Podcast


Nautilus Episode 2 - Intruder

Voice of T-Rex

Figment: Journey Into Imagination

Dreamfinder/Blarion Mercurial

Bioshock: Twelve Days to Midnight

Voice of Atlas and others

Link's Awakening - The Dreaming Island

Voice of the Owl

Star Wars: Obi-Wan & Anakin Comic Dub

Voice of Chancellor Palpatine

Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones Fandub

Voice of Duessel

Swamp Thing #1 Comic Dub

Multiple Voices

Batman R.I.P Motion Comic

Multiple Voices

Generic: Part 2 - Short Film

Voice of Narrator

The Chronicles of Doctor Who - Fathers and Brothers

Voice of Borusa

The Shadow - Revenge by Special Delivery

Voice of George Boswick

The Shadow - The Ten Thousand Dollar Fish

Voice of Charles Farley

The Strip! - Fallout New Vegas Crime Thriller

Voice of Paul Devonte

Harrison Bulman - Voice Actor