• Harrison Bulman

Discovering a new self in a role

I had the great privilege this week to star In Bison-Yeti Studio's dub of Figment: Legacy of Imagination.

This is my second season playing the protagonist Dreamfinder. For those not in the know, Dreamfinder and his effervescent spark of inspiration, Figment, are the stars of a now closed attraction from Disney's Epcot centre. The duo later returned for two runs at Marvel comics. The first story explaining where they came from and the second, now playing on Bison-Yeti Studio's YouTube channel, chronicles their new adventures.

Dreamfinder is never a role that I would have expected to play. As an online voice actor who's a little older, and a British one at that, I had largely assumed I wasn't meant for leading roles. But it was Bison-Yeti Studio's Director, and voice of Figment, that approached me with Dreamfinder. And for that I'm very grateful.

Playing Dreamfinder is so different from my usual work! He's optimistic, filled with energy, and charming (if a little bumbling). He isn't a villain, or a stuffy professor, or a stuck-up royal! Dreamfinder's a hero! And that's not something I naturally thought was in my range.

It was when I was in my studio, pouring my all into one of Dreamfinder's inspirational speeches, that I was suddenly struck by how much this role has changed the way I view myself. I was carrying scenes in a way that I didn't know I was capable of. That, I think, is the real beauty of Voice Acting. Perhaps even more than stage and film, voice acting allows us to go places we could never go otherwise. The possibilities are so vast, a Voice Actor doesn't even know how broad their own range is!

So Dreamfinder will always go down in the books for me. Not just as my first leading role, but as the first role to really make me look at myself and say “Hey, you've come a long way!”

The first season, Figment: Journey Into Imagination, is all available to watch right now. And the second season just started airing! If you want to join us on our trip through the power of dreaming, follow the link, enjoy and subscribe!

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