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I'm Major Dick - No honestly it's a role

Updated: Jun 15, 2019

The Pilot of Super Gal, made by animator Brenna Denney, includes one of my favourite roles. Brenna gave me the chance to play my first superhero role! Even if that super her is Major Dick.

This cartoon is full of irreverence and parodies of the super hero genre we've all come so familiar with in TV, movies, and almost all parts of our lives. While we follow the exasperated Super Gal, we can recognise a lot in the characters she runs into. From the villain, the Nickler, who comes with the standard over convoluted villain plot with an even more convoluted back-story. And then to my character, Major Dick, a shining parody of the barrel chested, large-jawed superhero.

Go watch the finished pilot on Brenna's website here:

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